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Default Acceleration problems

Iíve been having a problem with the acceleration, I brought it to a mechanic and to the Nissan dealership. They said that it wasnít throwing any codes and said there was nothing they could do. I find that the problem is more pronounced in cooler temperatures. Under 60į the problem is present & it worsens at lower temps, but when itís 80į or higher there is no problems.
So when I start accelerating from 0 it will accelerate normally until it hits a certain speed (usually around 30mph) and feels like it jumps up a gear, always going to 2250 RPM. Them as I push the gas pedal the RPMs will rise but the speed wonít increase, or it will increase very slowly (will need to hit 3000-4000 RPM to get to 40 mph). Then when I am done accelerating, it will stay at a higher than normal RPM.
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