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Default Crank/Cam sensors, been there, done that ...!

I just replaced both crankshaft sensors. One of them is by the flywheel, the other is right on top of the front pulley, which has a notch that get detected y the sensor. Nissan calls them CAMSHAFT (??)

The CAMSHAFT Sensor is on the front right side of the engine, right below the IVTC for bank 2.

I disconnected the two IVTC sensor for both bank Injectors and had no effect on how the engine run, also checked their resistance and where within spec per EC Manual.

You can see the CAM / Crank sensors locations here:

2001 Nissan Pathfinder OEM Parts - COURTESY NISSAN

Yesterday I posted what I did on my 2001 Pathfinder in this Forum under:

2001 Pathfinder starts cold then dies...! Help..!.

Follow the EC manual, page 150, to test the MAF sensor first, easy enough. Using a paper clip and a Multi-meter you can see if the voltage varies as you accelerate. It's the ORANGE wire coming out of the connector. Insert the clip next to the wire until makes contact. Use an engine ground for the test, do not use the ground wire in the connector.

I had all kind of problems because of this part and no MIL light whatsoever...!

Good luck..!

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