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Default 2003 350z crank no start

One day at lunch I was driving my 350 at lunch and it made a pop and shut off. It started back up but would not turn over 3000 rpm's. I made it to the shop during lunch and after work it started up but would barely run and finally died before I made it home. After being towed home I went to checking things out. Every thing I could read it sound like the MAF sensor was the problem. When checking for codes if showed cam sensors. I have replaced both cam sensors, crank sensor, and MAF sensor with no change. In stalled new fuel pump and one coil, and having a hard time checking for spark by myself. The car will try to run while the starter is running and has a completely different sound to it. I have cleaned and checked the cam actuating solenoids and new fuel pump is pumping a lot of fuel but cant tell the pressure. Checked the compression and all have at least 180 lbs and in stalled a new set of plugs. Running out of ideals, everything i have tried has not changed a thing. To me it sounds like something is stuck open (non turbo) because it is louder than normal when cranking. I have a code scanner, test lite and multi meter to check things with. Looking for any suggestions.
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