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Default Rear Strut Mount Stripped - Repair Advice needed

While installing new rear struts on my 2007 Altima I noticed that one of the mount fasteners was stripped out. I tried to install a helicoil kit but noticed that the hole had already been drilled out to a larger size. I suspect that the mechanic I had do the work last time had installed a coil and I must have pulled it out while taking out the old struts. I tried to just add another coil in there and thread into it but that quickly popped out. I've been considering just tapping the hole for a larger bolt but I'm afraid I'll just be making the problem worse. There also isn't a lot of room in there for threads.

Right now I'm considering fishing a fastener through the hole down from the top and JBWelding it in place so that I can secure the strut with a bolt similar to the other side. Any thoughts?

P.S. Is this the way it came from the factory, with a threaded post on one side and a fastener on the other. You can see in the picture it looks like someone took a grinder or sander up there at one point.

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