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Originally Posted by breaddrink View Post
Might be air in the fuel line if it was a brand new test drive?

One of those negative reviews was mine on Amazon.. Their warranty is garbage.. The fuel gage doesn't work properly, but it is still holding.

I'll be interested to hear if the fix holds for you.. Such an odd situation.

It was a brand new test drive, pretty much, I hadn't driven it. One thing I probably should have done, is primed the system (off->on) several times for good measure.

How do you imagine air in the fuel line could cause something like that?

In any case, just a bit ago I finally got the g'damn MaF sensor out, cleaned it and now it's air drying after finding a T20 Star torx key to get those special snowflake nuts out.

Interestingly enough I went driving it after work, filled up the tank with gas to verify the gas gauge still works (it does) and was all ready for some kind of problem to occur, but despite trying to practically blow the doors off the car (aggressively driving and later went on the highway) it's not had any problems since.
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