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Well, last night I finally changed out my fuel pump. I'd initially looked at the Airtex one mentioned here, but saw a bunch of negative reviews, and came across one person that enthusiastically recommended the Spectrum brand one. Rockauto also listed the Spectrum part with a heart (denoting popularity) so I bought it at about $178.

Today was a hot summer day and I just went to start the car up during my lunch break, and was happy to see that it started up instantly! Usually I needed 2 tries, or needed to pressurize the system by turning the key to "ON" for a few seconds first, on a hot day.

However, as I drove the car for about 5mins and was around 25mph, I hit pressed the accelerator and the engine revved up but the car didn't accelerate.. Ugggh, never seen this one. I shifted into 2nd gear and it was fine, shifted back to Drive and it hasn't recurred yet.
I've previously changed the crankshaft and camshaft sensors, and cleaned the battery terminals. Tonight I'll clean the MaS (mass airflow sensor) and hope that does some good... Anyone else seen this new lovely problem?
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