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Originally Posted by bobert View Post
Does anyone have an update or resolution to the push-to-start problem?

I have a 2012 Murano with this intermittent problem. Foot firmly on the brake, press the push-to-start button, all ACCs turn on, and "ON" will illuminate as if it is going to crank the engine. A click will occur and the engine does not crank/turnover. The problem has increased in frequency over the past 6 months (from about once per month → every other or third day). Some days it will start on first try for many days in a row, but when there is an issue it will take me 4-15 tries of cycling on and off.

After reading about some issues with the brake switch in other Nissan models, I've replaced this since it was cheap and a simple job (even though I never had issues with my brake lights turning on). This did not resolve the issue for me. I've also replaced the batteries in both FOBs

I've never been stranded as many attempts in a row over the course of 2-10 minutes will eventually get it started. It's happening often enough now that I will follow a routine to try to identify if any particular action allows it to finally start. Here is a list of things I've tried in my routines to get it started, but I haven't been able to identify a single item that eventually cranks the engine:
  • pumping/stomping on brake
  • pressing the brake pedal and reaching down and cycling the brake switch with my finger
  • applying and releasing the parking brake
  • shifting transmission into all other gears and cycling around, returning to park
  • turning steering wheel back and forth -- I have never had an issue where it is locked or stuck
  • exiting, locking, and re-entering the vehicle
  • switching FOBs
  • inserting FOB into slot
  • putting the vehicle in neutral and allowing it to roll forward/backward a few feet

I've also replaced my battery around the time this first started to be a problem. This may have helped for a short period, but the problem still persists. I took a voltmeter measurement to my battery and it reads:
  • 14.75 V when idling
  • 13.25 V when idling with headlights and fan blasting
  • 13.25 V when running engine ~1,500 to 2,000 rpm
  • 13.25 V when running engine >2,000 rpm

I also saw the technical bulletin NTB12-041 that I believe matches my symptoms, but my VIN falls outside of the range listed for the 2012 Murano 2WD. Does that matter?

Should I pull fuses? Take it in to have the BCM reprogrammed?
Follow up as my issue has been resolved. I decided to replace the starter motor as the issue continued to worsen and now it starts up strong every time.
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