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Originally Posted by lordhao View Post
@OilCanObserver - I tried to use the omh meter to test, but based on what I read online, my sensor can't be test that way and require some special tool to perform the test.
However I was able to get a hand on a Launch Code scanner and did confirm that the Rear Right sensor was not registering. However, after replacing that sensor with a new one, all the dashboard lights does away, but my acceleration issues persisted. On top of that, if I break at low speed (20-25mph) I feel my ABS is activating. Some research online is saying that it might be then ABS Actuator? any idea how to test that?

@Mpe235 - what does cutting the top portion of the U shape in the plastic cover do? how would it help with the issue?

You need to do it on both sides. Corrosion in the hubs pushes the plastic cover down. It causes the sensor to miss part of the pick up on the back of the hubs. If you replace the sensor and don't modify the plastic cover the new sensor will end up in the same spot.
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