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Originally Posted by flemming View Post
re:Breadnick post.
New battery is not the fix.If so a cold winter should show up for the worse.
My Nissan Sentra problem is in mid range temp.Always on first crank,second crank starts at once.Possibly second crank the computer goes into "failed to start"mode,and starts every time.For what it is worth,my problem started 10 years back in the lower mid-range and got progressively worse towards the upper range.Could the temp.sensor be the cause or just the indicator?.
Not necessarily with the battery. I mean you're correct if the battery itself is at fault. It likely will be worse in the cold, but not if it's a corroded terminal issue.
It can simply weaken the connection, hot or cold.. Though as I stated, this might be just happenstance. I threw every single fix at the car that was stated as being a potential fix, and nothing solidly worked until I changed the terminal connectors..

This long winded continual hunt for the fix went on for years.. I'd replace and wait, and replace and wait, so it's possibly the corrosion occurred during the process, only to be a new thing right at the end, therefore I don't honestly think this corrosion on the terminals fixed it by itself, but.. Something certainly happened, and it was certainly a contributing aspect of just general well running that had decided to chime into the whole mess.

I guess you take enough time to fix anything, and something new happens as well as the old problem :D

I never did have the foamy blue powder corrosion issue with a regular liquid battery either, only the gel type.. Odd.
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