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Originally Posted by breaddrink View Post
My car started displaying symptoms of the fuel pump getting old, and so I tracked down an aftermarket replacement that is now available with a check valve already installed. To my knowledge, this is the only one that includes both the fuel sensor and the check valve already in place that is a direct drop in replacement.
The airtex E8502M.
The price on the thing was less than the repair kit alone, and because I needed one I went for it.

It worked immediately. The long crank problem is gone.

It would seem that this problem can display these symptoms for a few reasons, and thankfully this seems to be my reason.

Also just in finding the pump, I discovered some interesting takes on the check valve issue on the original pump through reading reviews on Amazon for this pump and more specifically the bosch pump that many seem to use (one which includes a fuel sensor and one that does not).
One guy's for me stood out, as he said you can simply take the old pump out, and clean up the iffy part that acts as a valve (which is why new cars didn't display this issue), and you effectively sidestep the problem for a while.
Morbidly fascinating for me as it proves the error nissan displayed and then didn't step up to fixing, only to have people replace the part again and again.

Only took me 7 years to fix it :)
Is it still working for you? I have a 2006 with the same symptoms and found that item on amazon, but noticed some people reporting that the unit failed after awhile or that the problem eventually returned. :(
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