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Default 2008 Nissan Quest Minivan SL

I have had this minivan since 2009, I'm the Original owner 2008 Nissan Quest Minivan SL model ( with the sky lights ) less than 36,000 miles

90% of the car routine service for the car has been done at the dealer.
I have noticed that the car starts to accelerate when I press on the brake. It sounds and feels as if the ABS motor ispropelling the car .

I brought the car to the dealer back in October 2018 and this week with the same issue.
last time and this time the dealer were saying they cannot duplicate the issue.

They say the ABS diagnostics were not showing any error and the dealer had me to show the service foreman the issue.

I was able to duplicate the issue as we test drove with the mechanic at Nissan. It occurred in both ways that Imentioned.

1. It made the grinding sound of theABS as i pressed the brake pedal lightly, even though we were going very slowless than 10 mph, and there were no slippery conditions.
2. and the vehicle went up the hill and accelerated as I pressed the brake.

So it is definitely the brakes system or the traction control? ( it did not sound or feel like there was any problem with the gas pedal.

So it was partially explained that the ABS system (or maybe the tractioncontrol ) compensates for the wheel speeds by increasing and decreasing the speeds for the individual tires.

Is this the vehicle that will prove that Nissan and this defect are responsiblefor many accidents?

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