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Actually, I need to correct myself. I should have said "IPDM active test" and it can be done without a scan tool. It'll test from the IPDM/ER to the respective components mentioned, not the BCM. Here's the procedure:

Auto Active Test BKS0025S
In auto active test mode, operation inspection can be performed when IPDM E/R sends a drive signal to the
following systems:
l Rear window defogger
l Front wiper (LO, HI)
l Tail lamps, parking lamps, license plate lamps
l Front fog lamps
l Headlamps (LO, HI)
l Headlamp washer
l A/C compressor (magnetic clutch)
l Cooling fan
1. Close hood and front door (passenger side), and then lift wiper arms away from windshield (to prevent
glass damage by wiper operation).
When auto active test is performed with hood opened, sprinkle water on windshield beforehand.
2. Turn ignition switch OFF.
3. Turn ignition switch ON, and within 20 seconds, press driver's door switch 10 times (close other doors).
Then turn ignition switch OFF.
4. Turn ignition switch ON within 10 seconds after ignition switch OFF.
5. When auto active test mode is actuated, horn chirps once. Oil pressure warning lamp starts blinking.
6. After a series of operations is repeated three times, auto active test is completed.

When auto active test mode has to be cancelled halfway, turn ignition switch OFF.

Additional info; there is no need to start the engine.

1) rear defogger on for 10 secs

2) front wiper - low 5 secs hi 5 secs

3) park lamps and (fog lamps some models) 10 secs

4) fog lamps (some models) 10 secs

5) headlamps- low 10 secs, Hi ON-OFF 5 times ( mine stay on for 10 secs)

6) A/C compressor ON 2 secs OFF 2 secs 5 times (you will hear the solenoid click)

7) Cooling fan 2 speed- Low 5 secs Hi 5 secs

3 speed -Low 2 secs-mid 2 secs-Hi 2 secs-Mid 2 secs-Low 2 secs.

the complete test repeats for three cycles

test can be cancelled at any time by switching off the ignition
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