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The IPDM/ER is the large fuel and relay box in the engine compartment. It'll likely have a black plastic top that clips onto the box. It'll have both replaceable and non-replaceable relays. When you use your headlight switch, it signals the Body Control Module (BCM) which, in turn, communicates with the IPDM/ER, which controls the headlamp relays, which will power the fuses and circuits to the headlamps. So, it could be a bad light switch, BCM, IPDM, low beam headlight relay or circuit issue. Best way to diagnose the problem is using a factory service manual for your vehicle and you may need a capable scan tool. I know the R51 Pathfinders (and I would assume the R52 Pathfinders would have it, as well) had a BCM self-diagnostic test that, once activated, would turn on/off multiple items like the wipers, high/low headlights, A/C clutch and electric cooling fans. This test would let one know the BCM was okay and the circuit to those components, including the relays and fuses. The procedure would be in the FSM. Nico Club's site may have a free FSM for your vehicle at their site.
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