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Default Electrical question/concern 2011 Maxima

Hello everyone,

First time on here. Tonight, I changed the battery in my car (2011 Maxima). Before doing so, I thought I would try to hook up a 12V power pack to the cigarette lighter in the center console area. I watched a YouTube video and it said to turn on the car (not start it). Prior to doing that, the 12V power pack in the cigarette lighter caused the dashboard console screen to come on, but nothing else. Once I pushed the start button and got it to the ON condition (again, not cranking), it caused my power pack connection to start smoking and then after a few seconds, the dashboard, console screen, interior lights all shut down/powered off. I thought for sure I had fried something. I pulled the cord out of the cigarette lighter, closed the driver's door and pushed the 'start' button again, everything came back on.

I proceeded with changing out the battery. After getting it in, all of my radio station presets stayed intact, but I lost my trip odometer information and I also had a very rapid beeping sound coming from the engine for a short while. The car seems to be fine, the 12V cigarette lighter socket has power and nothing seems to be amiss, however, I am trying to find out what happened.

Meaning, did me introducing a 12V power source into a 12V cigarette lighter adapter cause a current surge and then cause the car computer to shut things down for self protection. And then, did it reset itself or what?

Seeking any help I can get on this.

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