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Default 2013 Rogue - Rear Carrier Differential Assembly Replacement Question

For 2013 Rogue SL AWD, I need to replace the rear carrier differential assembly (Assembly) and I want to know if one from 2008 Murano will fit to this 2013 Rogue. Someone is selling the Murano 'cheap' and if the part is comparable, I want to buy the Murano to fix the 2013 Rogue. That brings up a couple of questions.

1. Is that Assembly (with 5.173 Ratio) 'universal' throughout the Nissan SUV products?

2. Depending on the asnwer to #1, will an Assembly from Murano (say years 2005 to 2010) fit Rogue and vice versa?

If anyone can share experience in this matter, your input/knowledge would be appreciated.
Thanks for your input in advance.
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