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If the engine shuts off and the battery light comes on, that's to be expected. It wouldn't be a charging system issue but something other...and if there are no stored trouble codes, I would suspect possibly the fuel pressure is low or a cam or crank sensor is failing. Check the fuel pressure and confirm within specs. Cam or crank sensors are a little harder to pinpoint without a trouble code, but you could do a component check and measure the resistance of the sensors and compare to factory service manual specs.
If the battery light comes on and the engine is still running, I would suspect a charging system issue, which could be a faulty regulator, bad battery or bad cable connection to the battery...or even an ECM, as it controls the charging system (which is why there is a voltage sensor built into the negative cable). You can get a cheap voltmeter that plugs into your cigarette lighter for around $10 that will allow you to monitor your voltage. Charging system voltage should run between 13.2 to 15.2 volts.
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