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Well, the GLE and SE are two different trims; there is no such thing as a GLE/SE. Repair shops tell you Nissan doesn't give codes but AAA got codes and doesn't know what they mean. The roadside AAA disconnected and removed stuff but we don't know what and you failed emissions but you don't tell us what it failed for. That doesn't really provide much information for someone on a forum level to go by to help you out. I'm assuming the part he took out was either a fuse, fusible link or a relay, so I would be looking for any of those that might be missing and replace it. I'm assuming (since you mentioned "second alarm") that it has an aftermarket alarm system, which can sometimes complicate things. I don't recommend them, personally, because they often create more problems than they're worth. Usually when installing a battery on vehicles with those alarm systems, the key needs to be in the "on" position to keep the alarm from going off. On some, the key needs to be cycled in the driver's door lock cylinder to turn it off after the battery has been installed. Moving on, what codes did the AAA folks get that they can't figure out what they mean? Post them and I may be able to help you out...or, do a Google search. As far as your emissions testing, what failed? Also, if the vehicle dies and has no voltage, is it possible that the charging system is faulty? Maybe you need a new alternator? The charging system should be 13.2-15.5 volts at idle and at 3000 RPM, with and without loads on.
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