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Question 2002 nissan frontier AC on & then AC off?

I only have 136,000 on it and I think I did add some Freon years ago? It has always worked like a charm.

Added more Freon Last Sat and screwed up and added to much and then had to remove some of it after I connected the proper gauges.

Low side 55/60
High side 160/170
Going by the 134 chart and our temps that day.

I might can go 6 to 10 miles and maybe more and AC works fine and then if I cut my truck off and then start going again then it might work and might not and then it might come back on when going home but not always?

Could my high pressure switch be causing the problem? I can jumper it if I need but that may work and may be a bad idea or buy a new one but would have to order it.

The only thing I have read about on here was a guy having a like problem and the guy helping posted a diagram and testing a connector that you access under the dash at the Thermo Control Amp connector???

Take any help I can get because being in the 90's and a black truck is kind of hot for this old guy

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