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Default Will have to wait another year

I currently have a 2005 LE CC 4x4 that I purchased new. After 13 years and 215000 miles, it is still looking and running great, but I was hoping for 2019 the new body style with a possible GDI engine and 7 speed trans upgrade would be out. Oh well, will have to hang on to it for at least another year.

I have seen the new Navarro body style both here is the US and in Mexico and like it. Hopefully, Nissan will still have the moon roof and roof rack option. Considering that I have owned 5 Nissan trucks, would really hate to look for something else.

Here is a photo of a 2016 stripped version that I saw in Mexico last year.
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Nissan Announces U.S. Pricing For 2019 Frontier-nissan-navarro-jpg  
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