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Default Question: Engine RPM Won't Rev beyond 300 RPM..??

Hello Everyone,

Recently I purchased a 1988 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4 Automatic with 323,000 miles on it, with all stock and original on it. Except it wasn't driven for 10 years before I bought it. To sell it had these parts replaced: new Fuel Tank, new Fuel Filter, new battery and a new catalytic Converter. Passed SMOG with flying colors and title transferred to my name. I live in Torrance, CA, USA. It starts with no problems, drives, brakes solid. Needs a new paint and some TLC. No major collisions. A/C compressor doesn't work needs to be replaced. The one thing I am mostly concerned about is the engine would NOT go beyond 3000 RPM at any gear where the engine starts puttering, otherwise i drove it for more than 50 miles one day with no issues except what I mentioned about the RPM. Any help with this RPM issue please let me know. Thanks
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