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Default Blown fusible link. Bad alternator? 1999 Frontier 3.3

My wife left the lights on in her truck the other day while at a client's house. The client tried to jump her off, but crossed the jumper cables and blew the fusible link/main battery fuse. I wasn't able to get to her right away so a friend of mine went to try and change it out.

He didn't realize that it was bolted in, and broke the plastic in the pieces. He bridged the fuse to get it home, but I thought he changed the fuse. So my wife drive it for a couple days with the bridged fuse.

On the second day, she broke down on the side of the road and the charging light came on, and the battery was dead. Recharged the battery overnight, and got the truck home.

This tells me that the alternator isn't charging. So, I ordered a new alternator to swap out, but I'm curious if replacing the fusible link/main battery fuse might be the whole issue.

Could it just be the fusible link/main battery fuse?

Could it be something other than the alternator?

Also, the alternator is at the bottom, and I'm wondering if anybody has any guidance on replacing it.

I posted in the frontier thread as well, so I apologize if that's a problem.
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