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1. did you test the sensor, using ohmmeter? make sure you have the correct range of ohms for your vehicle's sensor. (in the video: 1.5 to 1.7 Kohms- yours could be different) if out range suspect the sensor is defective.
if reading is too high (infinite) suspect bad sensor or intermittent/broken wire or connector. try to test the known to be good sensor for comparison.

2. test for the integrity of the wires, there could be a break or loose connector. sorry i'm not familiar with the configuration of your system. if there's a connector near the sensor, unplug the sensor, put a short (use a jumper), use your ohmmeter near the control module, there should be a low ohm reading if no break, slightly higher reading for the rear than the front (longer wires) & depending on the accuracy of the ohmmeter. good luck & post whatever you might have done to correct the problem
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