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I will have him check the timing chain... and no, my car never threw a single DTC code until this incident. The only lights i had on my dash before was ABS & Brake, which came on after getting a couple used tires that were 55-R18, not the 45-R18... and on the drive home the lights came on, and got ABS code C1126 for the Right Rear Actuator Solenoid... i have replaced the rear wheel sensors, and reset the code... no avail.. abd & brake lights turn on as soon as my tires make 1 full rotation after starting the car.

As for the p0021 & P0011... Take it back and have mechanic check the timing chain to see if it's off by a tooth or 2?

Would this cause the engine to smoke out of the exhaust at higher speeds? I noticed a little smoke when I first got the car back.. and wanted to see if the way it ran felt differently, but at lower & standard driving speeds I see no smoke.

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