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Bumping an old thread here. My 2004 Quest has had both problems - the failed odometer/fuel/temperature display and the intermittent complete blackout of the instrument panel (taking with it overdrive and the inside indications of the turn signals). I fixed the odometer/fuel/temp display a while back by replacing it with a new LCD display (bought online pre-soldered onto a new ribbon cable). You can get those from Amazon or a number of eBay sellers.

I finally found this thread with btest's advice on how to fix the instrument panel intermittent failure. It took me a while to find the bad solder joint (the transistor location was marked Q28 on my circuit board, not Q20), and it took me even longer to fix the solder joint (I haven't soldered anything in years), but it's been working for two days now. Many thanks for btest! Nine years later your advice is still helping people.
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