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Default 2007 Maxima - No acceleration

Having some issue with my Maxima. Around this time last year, my maxima was experiencing loss of acceleration once I go pass 30mph. Basically all the car does when I press the gas paddle and nothing would happen. There are no dashboard lights to tell me something is not working or needed to be checked. After some research, it was deducted to the ABS sensors since the car drives fine if I disconnect any of the rear wheel sensors. I ended up fixing the issue by changing both rear sensors, and the passenger wheel hub.

Unfortunately, after 3-4 months after the fix, the car is exhibiting the same issue again. I thought it might be the rear hub on the driver side has gone bad since I've change that side yet. But after installing a new rear wheel hub, the same problem still persist.

Any suggestion on what I should do next? front sensors? front wheel hubs? or is it something else entirely?

I'm currently driving the car with one of the rear sensors unplug. So the ABS and Anti Traction warning lights are showing on my dashboard. I needed to keep one of the rear sensor connected for the speedometer to work, but other than that the cars drives fine.

Any suggestions is welcome. Thank you in advance.
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