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Default followup and final outcome

First of all, while I still really like the Blue Driver code reader, the "available any time" for questions, by email or chat, is hype. So I still don't know what the System A, System B reference means.

Regarding the O2 (a/f ratio) sensors, as I mentioned, the bank 1 sensor was "lazy", meaning that when watching the live waveform and periodically rapping the throttle (about +-/500 rpm, about 1/second), bank one sensor would respond with about 1/3 the amplitude, and quite rounded waveforms, compared with bank 2 which had sharp immediate peaks clearly synchronized with the rpm. I removed and switched them, installing 1 in 2 and 2 in 1. When I viewed the waveform again, both responded identically and like 2 did originally! Conclusion: dirty contacts for the bank 1 connector. I then cleaned both connectors and put everything back together. The truck runs noticeably smoother and, surprisingly, the rough idle issue is noticeably better.
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