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Default Nissan Rouge 2014: battery light on

Hi All,

So bought this Nissan rouge 2014 in Oct which was on 3 year lease before with 60k km.

first it was a TPMS problem which they fixed by changing the sensor. so last week when I was taking the car to visit some place for an appt it was all fine for like 15/20mins on the way and just when I was about the park there the battery light turned on in the dashboard. Since it was crazy cold (-35c) week in Montreal I thought the battery might get cold or something but didn't make much sense as why after almost 20mins of drive.

Came back from there with battery on all the way. Did a boost of the battery by CAA and the person said to drive for 30mins without turning on any heating and all that might consume battery and it will go away. Imagine outside temp -35c and you are to do that. anyway I did drive for some time but still its there.

Took to service centre and drop it there for fix. So they called me later that day and said do I have remote starter because they need to remove my current one and install remote starter option which will be outside warranty and I have to pay $600. I was confused as how remote starter has anything to do with battery plus mine doesn't even have that remote starter option to begin with. I asked to to fix with within warranty and I don't want remote starter. Then they seemed pissed and said come over then, its fixed. So now I am totally puzzled as how come it got immediately fixed in 5secs. When asked the guy he said it was a program error we fixed it.

Went there after 5pm and started the car and guess what. Battery light is on. Just because I am within warranty so I am going to the dealer otherwise would have never. Need to take it back again to see what they can do to fix it properly.

I have attached the description of work they did.

Any suggestions/help on this?

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