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Thanks for your response! I think you are right regarding use of the term “system” in that I’ll have to contact BlueDriver to figure out what “System A” and “System B” refer to and frankly I wouldn’t have given it a second thought had System B not failed to reach Closed Loop status. My first thought was that A and B referred to bank A and B but then I should have had a code. I’ll contact BlueDriver when I get home and to reliable internet. (In a Starbucks in Puerto Vallarta now.)

Your comment regarding the idle-vibration connection is right on. As I monitor rpm with the BlueDriver, the vibration sets in when idle drops below about 600 rpm. In an effort to address this I removed and cleaned the tps, which was quite carboned up downstream. My efforts had no effect other than to teach me to use a stop watch when going through the interesting sequence of pedal pushing and key turning required to reset it. I will look into the Superchips suggestion, or just live with it. Frankly, I miss the days when I could just give the idle stop screw a quarter turn to achieve the same result.

Finally, regarding the “02” sensors. My concern w bank 1 sensor stems from the live plot of it vs that of the bank 2 sensor. At idle, for example, bank 2’s live plot shows a very symmetric high frequency sin(ish) wave, and when I rap the throttle it responds immediately high amplitude positive pulse. Bank 1’s plot, at idle, produces very small seemingly random square-(ish) waves, and when I rap throttle it responds in roughly the same way bank 2 did, but at much smaller amplitude. What I will do when I get home is switch the sensors and check the live outputs. If I change one I will stick with NTK or DENSO. I’ll avoid Bosch with which I’ve had issues in the past, even though it is half the cost.
Thanks again for your comments! I will post here my findings as well.
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