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I contacted a local dealership today, and asked the guy in the service dept how much it would cost to flash a "used" ECM.

He started in on how most "used/salvage" yard ecm wouldn't take a reprogram, and some would, and that a new ecm was best, and on, and on.

I finally got a word in edge wise, and told him Nissan discontinued that part number for my car [which is the truth as I would just buy a new ECM if it was available for the money I've seen on Nissan parts websites, aka, around $600], and there WASN'T anywhere to buy a new ecm.

Then he kinda lightened up, and told me the price to reflash/program the ecm, which was reasonable at $103.

Was he telling me the truth about it being hit/miss with reprogramming the used ECM?
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