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I can't answer your question about "System A or B," but maybe the tech support of your particular scan tool can. I've never seen that reference on a Nissan CONSULT scan tool that I can remember.
Vibration at idle is common for the VQ40DE engine. There were some issues with bad motor mounts in the early years of this engine and addressed in a TSB. Most of the time it's just the idle going too low that caused it. A capable scan tool or tuner (like Superchips Flashpaq) can tweak the base idle and allow one to raise it a little, which helps some.
The sensor in the front are "technically" not oxygen sensors (like in the rear), but are air/fuel ratio sensors. They work a little differently than oxygen sensors and operate in a much narrower range. If there is no code triggering for them and the engine is running okay, they are probably just fine. They are also not cheap, either! If you do decide to change them, stick with NTK or Denso brand.
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