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Originally Posted by Cusser View Post
Good - you found a drain.

I just saw this thread, or I would've posted: Does your truck have issues starting the next day? What if you left it unused a couple of days?

I have a 2004 Frontier 100 miles away, and I've had it sit unused for up to 3 months and it still started right up.

So if one doesn't have starting issues, don't stumble in your panties worrying about some millivolts at the battery.
summary and current status:

It would not start because in the morning the battery had dropped under 12 volts. I tested for a drain and found 0.40 amps. I pulled the speaker amp fuse. Drain dropped to 0.09. I closed rear window hatch. Drain is at 0.08 now.

I'm told it should not be higher then 0.05 so I still have a drain issue. Something has a 0.03 load and it's on a fuse that says "Elect B" which is on many things, including power doors, etc. For now, I pull that fuse at night and put it back in when I drive again. This works as vehicle starts ok in the morning.

Battery passed EXP800 load test:
Measured: 649 CCA
Rated: 700 CCA

I found that after driving a while the battery charges up to 12.88v area. And with no load will drop back to 12.6 range overnight. Is this normal for a battery?

I tested the alternator at 2000 RPM, lights and AC on: 14.51 steady volts.

Autozone code check found no problem.

I have Haynes Repair Manual and fuses are numbered and I think Elec B is fuse 26. Connects to lots of things including Daytime Light COntrol Unit (fog lamps, parking light, etc), door locks, power windows, etc and ECM

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