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Default Transmission Issue

My Daughter came home from college last week and her 2001 SE v6 had an issue with going into drive. I could shift it into reverse and it would engage right away. Though when shifting into drive, it would take about 5 seconds before it engaged. The fluid level was good and no codes were thrown.

So she texted my wife a few days ago while we were on a cruise and said it would not go over 50MPH now. It still took about 5 seconds to engage into drive also. So I suggested that she take it to one of the oil changing places right away and have them change the transmission fluid and filter. I really couldn't do anything as we were gone on the cruise and that seemed like the first thing to do. We have had the Xterra since it was brand new and the fluid and filter has never been changed in the 16 years.

So she is supposed to take it tomorrow to get both changed. Does anyone think that should do it for her or do you fell there is something else that you have seen that is the problem?

Her college is 4 1/2 hours away, so to bring it back, I would have to haul the lowboy up there to load it up and trailer it back for me to work on it here. Unless it would be an easy fix that I could take the right tools up there to fix it.
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