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If you had coolant contamination, chances are either the direct clutch solenoid is bad or there is sludge under the TCM, or both. Both of those codes are direct clutch solenoid codes. If you can find them, the solenoids tend to run around $80-120 each. You could try dropping the valve body, replacing the direct clutch solenoid, R&R the TCM from the valve body and carefully cleaning the electrical contacts, clean out the inside of the trans pan and reassemble, crossing your finger that it'll fix your problem. The big question is "will it work" and "will the other solenoids later fail because of the previous contamination?" Replacing the valve body assembly is another option, but I doubt you want to invest $650-ish dollars for a reman or around $950 for a new, Nissan part.
There was a technical service bulletin for the P1764, but I still feel your issue is more contamination-related than the issue addressed in the TSB. The TSB basically has you check for bent pins in the trans harness and if there are none, instructs to replace the TCM/valve body assembly. These links will give you a little bit more information, including a link to the TSB. The factory service manual will give you diagnostic information on those codes; we have some individual chapters in our "knowledge base" or you can get full manuals at Nico Club's site.


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