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I have dissected the wiring harness by removing the outer corrugated plastic split tubing which was crumbling because of the temperature fluctuations near the motor. This has allowed me to visually inspect the wires. I am also checking for continuity of these wires and a short to ground with a multi-meter that has a tone indicator so I can hear a tone of conductivity before it is digitally displayed. (love that tone) I will replace the outer plastic jacket with new ones once I am done. I was also thinking that when the repaired computer comes back I could power it up without any of the wiring harness connections attached to their respected motor sensors/ injectors/solenoids etc. Then check for a check engine light going on with turning the key to the on position communication with the CPU and if the cooling fans turn on. Then one by one attach the wiring harness connections and again check for the above. Using the CPU as a very expensive fuse to find the sensor/ short/actuator/solenoid etc that causes the CPU to fail. Just an idea.
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