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A dealer "should" be able to diagnose it. I worked as a tech for Nissan for 16 years and worked on shorted and open circuit problems all the time. If you have an auto electric specialist near you, they may be able to help you...or perhaps another dealer.
I use a tool that plugs in place of the fuse location that has its own fuse and a digital readout of the amps going through it. One thing that is almost a "must have" is a factory service manual, which will give you the wiring schematics AND wiring diagrams. In the "PG" chapter (power & ground), you can locate your fuse # on the schematic and it will tell you what components are powered off of that fuse. You don't need to disconnect any items that are not specifically powered by that fuse that is blowing, so knowing what is on that specific circuit is important information. The beauty of the plug-in amp reader is that it will show you how much draw is being placed on the circuit and you can re-check the readings as you disconnect each part. It also comes in handy during a wiggle test as the reading may fluctuate as you move the harness where you suspect it may be shorted. The mini amp reader is made by ESI and called a "fuse buddy," and available for different types and ratings of fuses.
The wiring diagram will give more specific information about the circuit, like pin #'s in connectors, wiring colors, connector locations.. Remember, a short that blows a fuse is located "before" the load, not "after." If the shorter is after the load, it'll keep that load (be it a light, radio, defogger, whatever...) running; this is usually the case in a parasitic draw or a component that won't shut off. So, your "short" could be a component, like the instrument cluster or a light, but it could also not be a component and be just a wire that has been cut against a chassis part, like a instrument panel support (for example). Hopefully, it'll be something easy to find!
You can probably download a free service manual at Nico Club's site. Good luck!
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