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I also suspect air in cooling system as you've replaced a few components. That is you've drained old coolant and put in new one.

1. First, from cold start. Remove radiator cap and start engine. You should be able to see coolant is circulating. If coolant seem stagnant, radiator could could be clog. Take notice if you see bubbles as this indicates air in cooling system.
When you see coolant starts to rise as engine heats up re-install radiator cap.

2. There's a procedures in bleeding the cooling system but this one works for me. When engine reach normal operating temperature from #1 above, turn on your heater to high and fan to high setting. Rev engine to 2000 rpm 5-8 seconds. Repeat this one more time and your done. Turn off heater and fan and let engine idle or take it for a spin and hopefully the overheating issue is resolved.
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