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Default 99 sentra gxe overheating

Ok the hopefully of somone here can help me. First of all i live in the mojave desert. In the summer temp outside can easily be above 120 daily. I have a 1999 nissan sentra 1.6 litre. I cant figure out why it keeps overheating, first i Had a leak in the hose that connected upper water pipe to thermostat housing, replaced it, it did stop the leak. But still overheats. Since then i have removed the thermostat, put a new water pump, upper radiator hose one other hose that goes From a 3 way split to thermostat housing. New radiator cap, overflow res looks good, new coolant temp sensor, both fans are working the kick on and off. New power steering pressure switch cause i accidently broke mine. No coolant in oil, no Exaust gasses coming through overflow res, ikes to overheat if i keep it around 200000 rpms. Any ideas would help cause i dont kn.ow what else to check.

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