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Thanks for replying. Yea man this car has been a pain in the ass. He didnt mention anything about the cylinder walls being scored or anything. It was a local mechanic that a friend of mine reffered me too out here in San diego. He wasnt very great and didnt communicate anything to me unless i asked. What my only sensible option and its the only option I can afford right now, is to order an aftermarket part and replace the manifold myself. Another question I have is, where would it be clogged from this issue and how to unclog it. Is it going to be further down the exhaust line? I dunno what to do about this anymore. Im tempted to just call someone who does cash for cars or whatever and just have them come get it and be without a car for awhile. I dont know what to do. Because if I replace the cat and its just going to screw up again then it isnt worth just buying time until it breaks down again for a thousand bucks. Appreciate the response
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