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Default How Can One get the Code??

Originally Posted by karlarmada View Post
So I have read just about everything out there, and have reset the airbag light quite a few times, but keeps coming back on. I read the code like was explained in quite a few different threads. Like someone in the first page of this thread, my 2005 Armada has one long blink [2 sec] and 13 short blinks [.5 sec]. The weird thing, is that when you put those together to make the actual fault code, it gives you a 113 right. Add the first long flash, with the total number of short ones...... 1 + 13?

But from what I've seen, the list of number codes goes from 1 - 11? So how the heck is my light blinking 13 times? Has anybody had this one before??

I have moved the electric seat cushions up higher to avoid pinching the wires there, re-plugged in all of my connectors to make sure they are secure, etc..... not sure where to go, aside to the dealer.... eek!
So is there actually a way to get the code from the blinks??
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