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Originally Posted by PC9901 View Post
Hi Richard,

May I ask how much the extra keyfob was? I'm considering getting an extra one for my Sentra, but was kind of curious as to how much they charge?

Also, maybe check all of your wires and connections with your passenger seat. Maybe something came out or is loose? Just a thought.

2011 Nissan Sentra SL
That is excellent advice ^^^. If they told me it had to do with the passenger seat, I would check the wiring. Most likely there are 2 or 3 wire connectors underneath. Also, junk yards are amazing places to get parts on the cheap. I had to switch a seat out on a different vehicle one time, and there was actually a sensor type device on the side of the seat frame that had to do with airbags I believe. Maybe Nissan has this mounted as part of the seat cushion. But I would look for any disconnected, bare or broken wires.
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