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Default Catalytic Converter Nissan Altima 2003 2.5

Ok. Here I go. Car overheated due to the engine consuming about two quarts every 400 miles and I just didnt see it in time apparently, so I had to replace the head gasket be ause it blew out, thinking this would fix my issue with this car drinking oil. It didnt, but as soon as I got the car back the SES light came on reading p0420. I continued to use he car because I really had no choice nor did i have enough money to fix it because I just dropped 1500 on a new head gasket. Well the other day while driving the car just lost power. I pushed the gas and it was barely able to get down the road to the gas station. The RPM wasnt going up high when I pushed on the gas and getting it to acccelerate was just not happening. Im assuming my system is clogged up. Car has 143000 miles and I am on a serious budget. I called a few shops and one guy had told me that even if i replace the whole catalytic system that it will just mess up again due to the engine consuming so much oil. Anybody have any advice for me? Im pissed I got the head gasket repaired when I told the mechanic it was drinking oil and he didnt tell me that it would still do it after i got the head gasket fixed. I havent even driven a thiusand miles on that new head gasket and Im thinking about just getting one of those junk car places to give me whatever cash and take it. But I need a car. Im stuck on what to do. I can probably get together enough to have the catalytic replaced but then what? If the head gasket didnt solve my drinking oil problem then I am just going to run into this problem again in the next few months I assume. Engine replacement is not happening. Ill scrap it if thats my only option. I should have done my research before buying the car off my ex girlfriends uncle, because he knew what he was selling me.

So what im asking is, has anybody had a similiar issue and what did you do? And is that mechanic liable for anything due to the fact I told him it was drinking oil when I gave him the car to replace the head gasket? Im looking at around a grand for the cat repair and id rather scrap the car, take that cash and another little bit of money I have and buy an old honda to get me thru the year until i buy something new. Unless someone else has any advice on after they fixed their cat Im stuck and dont know what to do. Please help. Sorry if I seem confusing im a bit scatter brained right now trying to fogure this out.
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