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So here is the updated scoop based on the work done over the last few days.

After the initial $1200+400 quote, researched online parts and went to get quotes from Midas and Meineke

At Midas, the guy gives me a quote of $349(Walker parts) + 196(labor) = $545 to replace the CAT. Since this seems way off from what the initial "reputable" guys quote of $1200, I went ahead and talked to Meineke to get another quote for analysis.

At Meineke, the guys checks out the car for 2 hours at $0 cost to figure out what the issue is rather than just replacing the CAT based on the code. After his 2 hr analysis he comes with 2 items that need replacement, Downstream O2 sensor and all 4 spark plugs and quotes me $289(parts) + $100 labor for the O2 sensor and $100 (parts)+$150 (labor) for spark plugs.

At this point, the Meineke guys seems the most genuine based on the time and effort they have spent with the car and I plan to bring in the parts myself (total cost online for Denso O2 sensor and 4 NTK spark plugs $158) and be charged for the $250 in labor.

Let me know your inputs
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