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At 104k miles you're at the upper range of the life cycle of A/F ratio sensors. I suggest
you replace both pre-cat and post cat. You can buy the sensors Online. NTK Upstream O2 Sensor Part # 25679 Federal, California #25685. Downstream Part # 24449 for both Federal and California. If the price for each sensor comes installed and you're getting NTK Or BOSCH I think its reasonable. Most important thing is you're dealing with reputable people. Shop around and compare. Also offer to bring in the parts and you pay their labor.

For Catalytic Converters the price quoted is reasonable if you are in California or the State you live adopted Calif. Emissions standards. If you're only Federal, you can buy your own and take it to Midas, Meineke or any muffler shop near you. Talk to them first and get a quote for labor charge. Most common cause of CAT failures are poor maintenance specially engine oil change.
One thing to consider is when you have a local shop/dealer install a new CAT, in case of warranty claim for defective parts, it's a whole lot easier. CAT makers like Walker Catalytics, Eastern Catalytics come to mind. There are others so ask your shop what makes they're installing and ask questions regarding Warranty.
If you're going to install a new CAT I suggest you replace your Spark Plugs.
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