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Default 2010 Altima P0420 Catalytic Converter Repair Cost

Hello members,
I am new to this forum and need your valuable input.

The CES light on my 2010 Nissan Altima 2.5S with 104K miles came on with a P0420 code. The light has been on for 6-8 weeks during which is turned off once for 2 weeks or so. Now that it has been constant for the last 4 weeks I got it checked with a reputable indy shop. They mentioned that the Catalytic Converter will need replacement and maybe one or both O2 sensors once they take a through look inside
The price (parts + labor included) quoted was $1200 for Catalytic Converter and $200 for each O2 sensor that may need replacement.
Below are the questions I have:
1. Is this a Fair Price for this repair?
2. Are there any other related or similar major expenses on this MY Altima that I should account for in the near future (over the next 30K miles)?
3. Also since the car has no issues at all (fuel efficiency is normal and no other issues that I can feel when I drive it) should I be driving it or should I get it repaired asap
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