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Default 4 Power Steering Pumps 2 Alternators - Clicking noise

So I have had this 2005 Quest SE for 6 months. Replaced the alternator immediately, then the power steering pump and rack, then the pump again, again and finally again after replacing the alternator a 2nd time. During the time I have had it has had a whine from the steering the majority of the time even after new pump was installed. There has also been an intermittent clicking noise that I was worried was the timing chain. After replacing steering pump noise would stop for a while. Then return. When mechanic replaced the alternator this last time he said the old one was loose. That was likely responsible for noise. When I got it back it made no clicking for a few days.

The timing cover looks like it has been removed and replaced as there is lots of excess RTV coming out of the cover. There is a deep whine that is non stop even when the clicking is gone. Not just when I turn the wheel. Though it does seem to cavitate when I turn the wheel. It seems that maybe I have an issue with the alignment of the belts? That is causing the pump and alternator to both fail??? Any thoughts? I have a timing kit ready and now don't think I need it.
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