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Default Overheating 2001 Xterra

I have a 2001 Xterra SE and last summer she began overheating on me.

Here's the kicker. It only overheats, when the AC is on. Yea. I know.

So here's the story. It was originally my uncles truck. He blew the head gaskets and had me pay for repairs and gave it to me. It ran fine for 2 years until one day I had a coolant leak I wasn't aware of. I was driving on a hot day for at least an hour with the AC blasting. I noticed, the needle was almost at H. I blasted the heat and rolled down the windows hoping to cool it and it worked.

So far I've replaced the lower radiator hose where the first leak was coming from, the thermostat, the water pump, the condenser unit, I got a full tune up, and flushed the radiator twice.

Please help. I really really don't want to get rid of this truck. But if I don't get it on the next try I'm not sure if it's worth keeping.
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