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Question poor heat 2005 2.5s

Hi all.
Our 2005 altima 2.5s seems to have poor heat. There is some history on this one as it has not been a new issue. (heater motor works fine)
A year ago the heat was poor. I decided to change the thermostats and coolant.
I used my purging funnel on the radiator and had the front end elevated.
Heat was good and hot. Seemed to be good for the rest of the winter.

Over the summer the radiator went (was leaking at the seam at the top)
Replaced and bled system same way. Heat was great.

Now winter is back again and heat seems poor again. I have to have it on high windshield only just to keep it from icing. If I have it set to defrost/floor it will not keep the snow melted on the windshield.
I was wondering if it could be a headgasket leak that is minor and pushing air into the system over time and getting in the heatercore.
I might add that it has never overheated, or run hot.or ran out of coolant.
Other than this issue the car runs excellent.
If it was I doubt it would fail the by products test because it is not a bad leak.
Maybe you guys could give me some insight.. In the meantime I think I will try and see if I get any air to purge. If it does then it has to be coming from somewhere.
Happy Travels
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