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Default Help with intentifying parts / other questions

Hi guys, I have a 2010 Altima Coupe. The AZ Sun has faded some parts but I don't know exactly what they are called. Hoping you can help identify them and provide me with some information on them, perhaps part numbers and actual name of the part.

Also, I have some general other questions I'm hoping you can answer. I figured I'd do it in one thread rather than a lot of separate. Any help is appreciated!

Here is a link to a photo I have on my onedrive of a similar car and I have numbered the parts in question.!AilhwMFtAHJi1gs8Ag1tkNAbozC9

1) Don't worry about it. Already know what I need, just need to find it. (third brake light cover)
2) Black Strips along the roof. Need for both sides. What are they actually called? Are these removable? If I find a good set, do I need additional parts?
3) Upper frame around the top of window. What's it called? Are these removable and can they be replaced?
4) This is called the Pillar. Are they removable and can they be replaced? I see they sell chrome stick on ones but I'm looking for the original in black.
5) Lower frame around bottom of window. What's it called? Are these removable and can they be replaced?


I am looking at replacing the stock stereo / radio with something else. Do I get an aftermarket like Kenwood or something or do I purchase the better nissan stereo / radio that has nav and bluetooth (can find on amazon and ebay and salvage yards)?
If I go with the better nissan, do I need any additional wiring or wire harness?

Also looking at upgrading the rearview mirrow to the one with the garage door opener and compass. Is there already wiring in the car or do I need to install?
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