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armalig 11-16-2010 10:21 PM

Keyless start not working. KEy not sensed in car
Not having good run of luck here. First random ESP light per other thread .(maybe they are linked some way..?) Now this last 2 days I have been unable to start my 2006 diesel SVE UK pathfinder using keyless feature. WHen i put my foot on the brake and turn the black dash knob the key is not `sensed` inside the car. ALl i see is the red key flashing on dash indicating not picked up. THe batteries are all 100%. I have tried both my keys to no effect. Keyless locking feature works 100%?? Must be something to do with brake switch feeding back info ?
Only other comment is I think the brake pedal fels "harder than normal" to push ..unless i am imagining this !

I have to use manual key from fob inserted into black dash knob to start car ...very fiddly when not used to it !

ANy ideas welcome MANY THANKS

Flataas90 08-17-2011 01:11 AM

Same problem with me=(


armalig 08-17-2011 10:36 AM

keyless start problem and ESp warning light.
this might sound obvious but i discovered that my rear brake lights were all out -- blown fuse from memory --very hard to know this unless someone tails you and lets you know!!!
anyway check your rear lights /replace fuse and it should fix your keyless problem.

Ref the ESP light - this is activated by wheel alignment /angle prob. i got some MOT ball joint work done and its on again. I dropped in at my local nissan garage and they hooked it up to the laptop and recalibrated the steering angle or something etc to clear the fault light ...all free of charge...VERY HAPPY !! hope this helps...cheers trev.

bennyb53 08-17-2011 01:07 PM

Altima Forum - Page 1. Title: Keyless Start Problem. There are a few threads for good reading and info.

Most points to the brake switch. Yes, have someone step on the brake while you watch if lights come on.

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