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DCARLTON 05-21-2013 05:05 AM

97 Cruise Control Fixed
This should apply to all Maximas from 1995 to 1999, maybe other models/years as well.

The wife comes home the other day and says the cruise control isn't working; funny, it was working just a week ago.

I asked her a few questions about what the dash light indicators were, was the cruise control button in the on position, etc. She said it was. She indicated she could press the buttons on the steering wheel and nothing would happen.

I started researching and many posts pointed towards checking the vacuum pump, checking the cables, checking the vacuum lines etc.

Then, one post said, check the floorboard of the drivers side and see if you find a couple of mysterious black rubber/plastic pieces.

Sure enough they were there. How did they know?

This plastic/rubber piece is a Rubber/Stopper that goes in the brake pedal assembly, takes 2, one for the cruise control, the other for the brake lights. If your cruise control quits working, check this first. Secondly, if your brake lights stay on, check this. One stopper for each of these.

These stoppers are about $6 on line but $12 to ship, ridiculous.

Some said to tape a dime to the place where the stopper goes, this keeps the switch depressed (instead of the switch being open into a hole). This cheap fix should work.

I fixed mine with some staples that go in an air powered staple gun that are shaped like a U. I bent them to make them tighter, covered them in Gorilla tape to insure they stay together, clipped them to the place they go and cruise control now works.

The CC is harder to get to than the brake lights one.

Good luck!

NissanTech 05-21-2013 10:48 PM

Thank you for the information!!

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